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Oil , Gas & Petrochemicals

Due to the expansion of the Oil, Gas


and  Petrochemical  industries  and


increasing  need  to  catalysts   and


adosorbents,   over    70%   of    our


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Steel Industry

Nowadays,  Steel industry is one of 


 the  important  industries  in  Iran 


and PETROTAT  is ready  to  supply


various  types  of  Adsorbents and


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Food and Vegetable Oil

Food  and Vegetable Oil industries are


one of valuable industries of  Iran and


today PETROTAT is ready to providing


engineering    services     and     supply


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Alcohol Industry 

Due to Iran's positions in production


of  Methanol  and also  Ethanol Plant


grown with  Molecular Sieve method


this industry needs  to catalysts and


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  Comp. Air and Industrial Gases

Compressed    air      is       a      basic


requirements  for   most   industries


and adsorbents have a fundamental


 role.  PETROTAT  is  ready  to  supply


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Water Treatment

Limited fresh water resources in the


world  has led   to   more  developed


countries  have  special   focus  on


water  conversation  and  nowadays


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